Property Maintenance, Insurance and Repairs

D & I Scott take care of every aspect of managing the common parts of your property.  Our friendly, efficient service includes:

  • Ensuring all common repairs notified to us are carried out promptly
  • Co-ordinating various contractors to ensure that repairs are carried out efficiently
  • Obtaining competitive quotes for major repairs
  • Notifying all owners of any major repairs
  • Paying contractors accounts for common repairs
  • Calculating the share of the cost due by each owner and invoicing accordingly
  • Arranging and maintaining a common insurance policy as required by the Deed of Conditions or as instructed by the co-owners
  • Carrying out regular inspections of the property

D & I Scott work hard to make your life easier - here's an example of the work we do in the event of a burst in the common water pipe:

  • Call out plumber to fix the burst pipe
  • Call out joiner if necessary to enable access to burst pipe
  • Co-ordinate residents to ensure access to any flats affected by water damage
  • Arrange payment of all contractors involved in repair
  • Calculate the share of the cost for all owners
  • Co-ordinate the insurance companies involved in any claim

All of the above services are provided as standard, offering our clients complete peace of mind. If you would like to join them, or would simply like to know more contact us and one of our dedicated team will be happy to provide you with all the information you require.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Partners: D.C.Scott BSc. (HONS), I.J.Scott

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